Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Memory of Karen- October 2008

Dear family and friends,

October 26, 2007 marked four years since Karen passed away. To mark her fifth anniversary this year, I want to honor one of her dreams.

Having completed her first chemotherapy session at Princess Margaret Hospital, she confided in me that once she got better, she wanted to open a catering business. Sitting on her bed, with tubes in her arms and chest, I was amazed that she attentively watched the morning shows and furiously wrote recipes. Her mouth watered as she explained the different spices needed to enhance the dishes flavor. Her goal was to come home and try the many recipes she had learned and written while in hospital.

I am putting it together for three reasons:

1. To cherish her memory
2. To fulfill one of her dreams
3. A remembrance for Kane and Candice

I sincerely request if each and every one of you could send me a recipe of a

· Dish, Drink, Dessert that is special to you.
· You can give it a name
· A picture you have of you or your family with Karen (in an attachment)
· A snippet or a joke that you remember her by

I will put this together and share this memory on a website or a scrap book. This is not for commercial purposes, but something to remember her by. I totally understand that some people do not like to share their recipes. You are more than welcome to send a memory or a photograph instead.

I discussed this idea with Shirley and Lonet and both of them had wonderful ideas. Shirley has sent in the first recipe and is in the attachment, to give you an idea. Thank you Shirley!!

Also, if someone wants to help me in this endeavour please feel free to do so.



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